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Moammar Gadhafi​ possible surrender for trial picture movie

The International Criminal Court​ is in indirect negotiations with a son of the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi​ about his possible surrender for trial, the chief prosecutor said Friday. Luis Moreno-Ocampo​ said talks were being held through intermediaries, whom he did not identify, to assure Seif al-Islam Gadhafi that he would receive a fair trial and that he could be helped to find a new country of residence if he were acquitted or after completing a prison sentence. He said he did not know exactly where Gadhafi is. SYRIA: Activists say security forces hunted down protesters, killing 30. Syrian security forces opened fire Friday on protesters and hunted them down in house-to-house raids, killing about 30 people in the deadliest day in weeks in the country's 7-month-old uprising, activists said. Much of the bloodshed Friday happened after protests had ended and security forces armed with machine guns chased protesters and activists, according to opposition groups monitoring the demonstrations. Authorities disrupted telephone and Internet service, they said. LIBYA: NATO to end air campaign Monday. NATO has announced it will end its air campaign over Libya on Monday, following the decision of the U.N. Security Council to lift the no-fly zone and end military action. TUNISIA: Unrest follows elections. Rachid Ghannouchi, the leader of the moderate Islamist party that won Tunisia's first free elections, called for calm Friday after protests erupted in the town where the country's revolution began. Authorities called a curfew in the town of Sidi Bouzid, where supporters of a local candidate rioted after he was docked seats for campaigning violations. EGYPT: Activists accuse prison guards of torture. Egyptian rights activists on Friday accused guards at a Cairo prison of killing an inmate by forcing water into his body with hoses, in a case they said shows the continued use of torture by security forces despite the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

KW on the left. Jay-Z also wore jeans

This was a young crowd, mostly 20-somethings and 30-somethings. The look: Urban casual. There were a lot of micro-minis and high heels, a lot of baggy pants and jeans. Jay-Z and West each wore a black jersey with "JZ" on the right sleeve, KW on the left. Jay-Z also wore jeans, boots and his ever-present New York Yankees baseball cap. West wore leather pants and sneakers. Stage setting: This show was visually spectacular. There was a main, T-shaped stage where both entertainers performed together, and also two cube-shaped mini stages, one at each end of the arena, that rose and lowered at various points during the show. West and Jay-Z performed separately on these cubes, which showed various images (a snarling pitbull, a swimming shark) at different points of the show. Fireballs the size of car tires shot from the floor toward the ceiling during some performances. Two large video screens behind the main stage showed appropriate images during the performances; a virtually non-stop laser light show added to the oomph factor. Venue:Philips Arena downtown seats 21,000 for concerts. The facility, which opened in September 1999, is the home of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. Energized crowd: This was a very high energy crowd. Many of them remained standing -- and swaying and dancing and singing -- for the entire 2 1/2-hour show. At one point, as Jay-Z and West performed N---as in Paris from their new hit CD, "Watch the Throne," West exhorted the audience to "Bounce! Bounce!" The resulting stomping had Philips Arena rocking and shaking in a way that it hasn't for the Hawks in a long time. On-Stage chemistry: Both artists were on-stage -- first on those cubes, then on the main stage -- for the opening segment of the show, performing songs from their new CD -- Welcome to the Jungle and Otis, among them. Then they each performed a number of their own hits, sometimes singly, sometimes together. The audience roared when they heard favorites like West's Monster, Power, Touch the Sky and Gold Digger, and Jay-Z's Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Big Pimpin, H to the Izzo and 99 Problems. "They've each had so many hits, I was interested to see how they would go back and forth," said Tony Wheeler, 36, a Greenville, S.C. radio personality in town for the concert. "I thought they did a really nice job with that. You noticed how they would each do their own thing on some songs, then blend it back together?" Coolest, non-gang-related hand sign: Jay-Z repeatedly told the crowd to "put your diamonds up," and they repeatedly complied, pressing their index fingers and thumbs together. ATL connection: Although West was raised in Chicago, he was born in Atlanta. To the crowd's delight, he and Jay-Z played up the Dirty South connection several times. Best Sing-Along: When Jay-Z performed his and Alicia Keys' 2009 Grammy-winning hit, Empire State of Mind, he urged the audience to sing the refrain. They did so to great effect, and at the end of the song, Jay-Z removed his Yankees cap and waved it at the audience. Onstage quotable: During one short break between songs, Jay-Z draped an arm across West's shoulders and said: "Atlanta, you are now looking at black excellence at its finest. Make some … noise!" Moving Performance: When West sang his hit, Runaway, about a man who always finds fault with the women in his life, he seemed to really pour himself into the song, and appeared to be in tears at the end of it.

Stacy Schuler have sex with student ma

A high school teacher was convicted Thursday of having sex with five students, some of them football players, after a judge rejected an insanity defense that argued the teens took advantage of her. Stacy Schuler was sentenced to a total of four years in prison for the encounters with the Mason High School students at her home in Springboro in southwest Ohio in 2010. She can ask a judge to free her from prison after six months. The 33-year-old Schuler, who could have faced decades in prison, cried as she was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom. The five teens testified that Schuler, a health and gym teacher, had been drinking alcohol at the time of the encounters and was a willing participant who initiated much of the contact. The teens were about 17 at the time. The age of consent in Ohio is 16, but it's illegal for a teacher to have sex with student ma "This is a noble profession that you have, and I've heard a lot of good things about you, but I know that you had the opportunity, as all teachers do, to affect the lives of our children," Warren County Common Pleas Judge Robert Peeler said. "You crossed a line." Schuler's lawyers argued that she had medical and psychological issues and couldn't remember the encounters. Before sentencing Schuler on 16 counts of sexual battery and three counts of providing alcohol to a minor, the judge said it would be a "magnificent leap" to believe she didn't know her actions were wrong. Schuler didn't testify during the four-day nonjury trial, and she and her attorneys declined to address the judge before he sentenced her. But parents of two of the teen victims made tearful statements. A father spoke of his son's depression and lost motivation and said the teen almost didn't go to college. He asked the judge to hand down a sentence to send a message that Schuler's acts are not acceptable and there are serious consequences. "It impacts the teaching community as a whole, how a single teacher who made the wrong decision multiple times overshadows 99.9 percent of the teachers that truly do care, not pretend to care, about their students," he said. A mother said her son turned to and trusted Schuler during an extremely low period when his father had cancer and related health problems. "These young men may appear as if they are tough guys, but in reality, they are truly hurting," she said. "She took advantage of their vulnerability. She crossed the line and it is unacceptable." Assistant prosecutor Teresa Hiett further pointed out to the judge how the teens have been affected, noting that Mason High School was shut down for the week of the trial because "everyone's been trying to figure out who these five boys were." Testimony from a defense psychologist had suggested that Schuler's medical and physical ailments, combined with her vegan diet and use of alcohol and an antidepressant, helped impair her ability to tell right from wrong. A psychologist for the prosecution rebutted that testimony, saying that the use of alcohol does not meet the state standard for an insanity defense and that willingly getting drunk is not a legal defense for a crime. Two former Mason students had testified that Schuler had devised a plan to enter an insanity plea before she was ever charged. Other students testified on Schuler's behalf, hugging her in the courtroom and telling the judge she was a supportive advocate who kept appropriate boundaries. Schuler had been a teacher and athletic trainer at the school north of Cincinnati since 2000 before resigning in February after an anonymous tip to the school led to the charges against her Read more at:

Agassi's son racket sex and games

It's mostly all about baseball and horses around the household of tennis icons Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. So far their oldest child, 10-year-old son Jaden, lives and breathes baseball, showing no interest in following in the footsteps of his famous parents. Granted, it's early, but the upcoming tennis player in the family may be Jaden's sister, Jaz, 8. She plays tennis two or three times a week "because she enjoys it," her father said. Jaden prefers picking up a glove over a racket. He doesn't play at all, his father said. "It's full-on baseball, club ball, travel ball, tournaments in Arizona, California. And he loves it so much," said Agassi, who has traded his lifetime of tennis courts for baseball diamonds. "I live and die with every swing of the bat and with every play in the outfield," Agassi said during an interview this week. "He's such a diehard loyalist to his Las Vegas Venom team that his request when we just moved into a new house was to paint his room Venom green. Despite our better judgment, it actually looks pretty cool." Jaz's main interests? "She loves break dancing and hip-hop and horses. She loves to do her horse shows," said Agassi, who admits he hasn't gotten over "how unsettling it is to watch a little girl on the back of a 1,200-pound animal going airborne." The important thing is they are pursuing what they love. Agassi was hitting tennis balls with tennis greats when he was 4 but hated the game by the time he was 7. However, things turned out all right: He ended up with 60 career tournaments, eight Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal. The kids get the rest of their genes from a mom who won 22 Grand Slam singles titles, second among male and female players only to Margaret Court's 24, and who held the world No. 1 ranking for a total of 377 weeks, the best for any player, male or female. Agassi and Graf return to the spotlight tonight at his 16th Grand Slam for Children benefit concert at Wynn Las Vegas. It promises to be a night of celebration capped by the anticipated announcement that the event has passed the $100 million mark, which would secure the future of the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. THE SCENE AND HEARD Marie Osmond returned to the Donny & Marie show at the Flamingo on Thursday, one night after a trip to ER for tests. "So the allergies went into a bronchitis," she tweeted early Thursday, adding that it affected her high notes. SIGHTINGS Pro bull rider Ross Coleman, holding a retirement party at 35 Steaks + Martinis (Hard Rock Hotel) on Thursday. Among his large group: family members and rodeo friends, including All-Around legend Ty Murray and his wife, Jewel. ... Alex Rodriguez, of the New York Yankees, with friends at Julian Serrano Restaurant (Aria at CityCenter) on Thursday. THE PUNCH LINE "While testifying at the Conrad Murray trial, Michael Jackson's personal nurse complained of being faint on the stand, and the court had to be adjourned. How scary is that? Getting sick in that courtroom and the only doctor in the house is Conrad Murray." -- Jay Leno

Adolf Hitler Campbell latest news

Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two sisters will remain under foster care after a judge denied the parents custody. The 5-year-old boy, named after the infamous Nazi dictator, and his two sisters were taken by New Jersey welfare officials in 2009 and his parents have been fighting for their since. Despite a court ruling in their favor made Tuesday, both parents insist that the reason state officials took their children was because of their names. "The judge and [the Division of Youth and Family Services] told us that there was no evidence of abuse and that it was the names!” Heath Campbell told NBC 10 News in Philadelphia as reported by the New York Daily News. "They were taken over the children's names." The mother, Deborah, said she misses her children dearly. “I don’t sleep, I don’t eat much. I miss my kids. Miss their pitter patters on the floor,” their mother said to NBC 10 as quoted by the Daily Mail. “It’s hard. I fall asleep with their pictures.” Deborah Campbell said that the reason why her children were taken away from her was because of an incident that happened at a grocery store in January 2009. She went to get a birthday cake for her son that would read: “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler.” The first store did not oblige to her request, so a local Walmart offered to make the cake. The Campbells have denied that they are Neo-Nazi despite having swastikas throughout their home. Court records show that both Campbells have unspecified mental and physical disabilities. A judge will decide whether to return the children to their custody in December.

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Computer glitches blamed for patient mix-ups

The review of FirstNet has found the $100 million system does not do what it is supposed to. (ABC: Brad Markham) Computer glitches in a system for busy hospital emergency departments have been blamed for confusing patient ...

Toddler drowns in freak tragedy at Thebarton, South Australia

The girl, who was under two, drowned at this house in Thebarton. Picture: David Cronin. Source: The Advertiser A TODDLER has drowned in a container of water left out for a pet in a family tragedy at Thebarton in ...